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CC_M2 Clinic Co-ordination: Supercharge your Dental Assisting skills: Online 4 weeks


Supercharge your Dental Assisting skills and expand your role: Advance to be a senior Dental Assistant/Clinic Co-ordinator

Advance beyond the basic skills of dental assisting to work with the dentist in a way that makes your job interesting, more fun and reduces stress and at the same time allows the Dentist to focus on their Dentistry making their job easier at the same time and provide better patient care.

Like a well practiced ballet, choreograph and practice your assisting skills with what the Dentist of today needs to practice in a fast paced, busy environment and more.

Become that invaluable member that the Dentist admires, seeks out and loves to work with.

Keep up with the new technologies and treatments, the degree of record keeping and informed consent required to be maintained these days and learn how to assist the dentist with using templates

The Challenge:

  • We are a busy practice and keeping up with all the jobs is stressful
  • Workflow for DAs is messy and unco-ordianted
  • To do Cleaning, oiling, sterilising, maintaining steri logs, processing burs & instruments, distributing them back into the rooms, stocking rooms, keeping lab area clean, managing lab work, clearing rubbish, wiping down rooms, setting up for procedures, assisting, managing stock levels … is hard work especially as it is so ad hoc
  • There is always this back log of steri
  • Everyone does things at their own pace and differently
  • We are always chasing up lab work and there are many errors in sending and receiving jobs
  • Rooms are not stocked properly and things like burs and hand instruments go missing
  • We keep running out of stock
  • When things break down no one knows what to do
  • There is no one to take over lunch breaks or tea breaks
  • When there are emergencies, wish someone else could help set up the room
  • Difficult children or even adults need special care and communications – wish everyone was trained
  • We need a proper system to manage the work flow

Content:  What this workshop offers is a practical, simplified and easy approach to taking your Assisting skills to the next level immediately.  Be the leader. Take on the Lead role to co-ordinate how the clinical side of things runs.

The key topics we will cover in 8 weeks and implement are:

  • Streamlining tasks for better daily clinic work flow
  • Clinic Co-ordination duties including stock management
  • Advanced communications with team
  • Equipment breakdown and maintenance
  • Extended duties to improve dentist work flow
  • Triaging for new patients, emergencies, and squeeze-ins
  • Managing phobic and difficult children and adults, the elderly, and patients with special needs
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Nupur Hackwood

Dental Consultant and Trainer Australia

Dentist with 33+years experience providing practical. hands-on, affordable dental training workshops for the entire dental team. Based in the Gold Coast Queensland / Northern Rivers NSW area, I provide off-site and onsite training and consulting to dental practice members across southern Queensland, northern NSW and Australia. I have owned and operated my own very successful 4 chair dental practice, have trained dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and practice managers for 11 years. I was Head of Quality at National Dental Centre in Singapore for 2 years and have also lived and worked in NZ, Japan and the USA. I am a certified trainer with Cert IV TAE and facilitate workshops at TAFE. I am also a clinical tutor at Griffith University and train young dental students. I really understand the gaps in workflow and processes in dental practices and knowledge and skills of dental team members and am here to help you bridge these gaps and excel.