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DA_M2 Four-handed Dental Assisting, Better anticipation, Improved Care

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Master 4-handed Dental Assisting Techniques for greater efficiencies, improved anticipation of Dentist’s needs, increased patient comfort and safety, better quality of clinical care, and increased production.

This course teaches trained DAs the advanced Dental knowledge and skills required to master 4-handed dentistry for basic general dental procedures such as dental examination, dental x-rays, scaling and cleaning, fillings and extractions and anticipate the Dentist’s needs better.  It also trains the DA to assist the Dentist with note writing.

This course is also designed to allow a new dental assistant or dental receptionist with no prior experience in dental assisting to come up to speed with assisting for basic dental procedures quickly and to a higher level than taught in the entry level DA certificate training programmes. Having a job in a dental practice is a prerequisite for this course.

Working with a well trained dental assistant with the right training makes a world of a difference not only to the dental practitioner but also to the patient and increases productivity.  It also increases job satisfaction for the DA.  As a DA, knowing what you are doing, understanding dentistry well and thereby anticipating the dentist’s needs and delivering on your job description will make you more confident and reduce the stresses that build up if you don’t know what you are doing or are expected to do.

This workshop is the first in the series of others, designed to advance the knowledge, skills and efficiencies of Dental Assistants who are the backbone of a dental practice.

Whether you have completed the basic entry level certificate in dental assisting or been trained in-house by the dental practice staff,  it is still imperative to have a thorough understanding of the core knowledge underpinning the dental problems dentists are presented with, what to look out and listen for, how to anticipate what needs to be done and stay ahead, the procedures dentists offer and why, what clinical notes must be written, how to truly work in a 4-handed dental assisting set up, how practices work, what costs are involved in running the business and how to minimise wastage and breakdowns.

Advancing to a stage where you are a true asset to the dentist and a pair of extra hands, eyes and ears to the dentist is holistically explained by the term 4-handed dental assisting in this workshop.   4-handed Dental assisting is more efficient, more productive, allowing for shorter appointment times, more patient comfort, and ease of practice.  It is also more rewarding and engaging for the Dental Assistant as it allows them to use all the skills needed to assist the dentist and is less stressful for them and the Dentist.

It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the note writing that is necessary.  This workshop teaches DAs how to assist the dentist with this important and critical task note writing.


Examination including X-rays

  • Understand what is involved in a dental check up appointments and how to set up for an examination including oral cancer check, soft tissue and TMJ check
  • Learn how to use a dental questionnaire to get responses on dental problems
  • Learn about different types of X-rays and how to set up to take an X-ray
  • Learn the process of charting perio pockets and bone loss
  • Learns about gums and bone and periodontal charting
  • Record keeping and note writing related to examinations
  • ADA dental item codes, dental and perio charting, dental problems and treatments offered
  • Understand what’s in the mouth and 10 common dental problems that patient’s present wit
  • An overview of common treatments offered in a dental practice
  • Know your dental anatomy, tooth numbers, surfaces, ADA item codes and learn how to do dental and periodontal charting
  • 4-handed dental assisting skills to receive and pass instruments as per the needs of the dentist will be taught for check ups, x-rays, cleans in this workshop

Scaling and Polishing

  • Learn the set up and instruments needed for regular cleans as well as deep periodontal cleans
  • Understand the instructions given for better oral hygiene
  • 4-handed dental assisting using suction and triplex
  • Record keeping and note writing related to scaling and polishing of teeth


  • Understand the various types of restorations (fillings); permanent, temporary
  • Learn how to set up  for 6 different types of fillings
  • Learn about cements, liners and pulp protecting agents
  • Learn  4-handed skills in assisting for fillings using suction and triplex and passing of instruments
  • Understand the instructions given following placement of a filling
  • Familiarise yourself with materials used, various types of drills, handpieces, instruments used, curing lights, Matrix bands and wedges
  • Record keeping and note writing related to restorations


  • Learn how to set up for simple and surgical extractions
  • Know all your forceps and elevators
  • How to use 4-handed techniques for passing and receiving instruments, retraction and suction during extractions
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Nupur Hackwood

Dental Consultant and Trainer Australia

Dentist with 33+years experience providing practical. hands-on, affordable dental training workshops for the entire dental team. Based in the Gold Coast Queensland / Northern Rivers NSW area, I provide off-site and onsite training and consulting to dental practice members across southern Queensland, northern NSW and Australia. I have owned and operated my own very successful 4 chair dental practice, have trained dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and practice managers for 11 years. I was Head of Quality at National Dental Centre in Singapore for 2 years and have also lived and worked in NZ, Japan and the USA. I am a certified trainer with Cert IV TAE and facilitate workshops at TAFE. I am also a clinical tutor at Griffith University and train young dental students. I really understand the gaps in workflow and processes in dental practices and knowledge and skills of dental team members and am here to help you bridge these gaps and excel.