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DA_M7 Advanced series: Ortho-Mastering set up and assisting for fixed and removable orthodontics

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(DA6) Advanced series for DAs (Ortho): Mastering set up and assisting for fixed and removable orthodontics

Dental Practitioners/Practice Owners:  Never feel stressed again about the knowledge and skill levels of your DA.  Relax and enjoy your dentistry, focus on the procedure and not on your assistant.

Stop stressing and thinking for your DA, or checking if they have set up everything you need for the the procedure on hand, or whether they will be able to assist you well.

We want you to focus on your dentistry.  Leave all the training to us at Just Excel. Reward your staff with the best gift of continuing education and reap the benefits.

If you are a busy practitioner and do not have the time or resources to train them yourself, then this course will interest you.

Let us equip your DA, in 1 day, with the knowledge and skills required to assist you efficiently in preparing for all the common removable prosthesis

Remember, this is not covered thoroughly in their basic Dental Assisting Certificate III programme, additional training is needed for these advanced procedures to get them up to speed.

Your DA will leave with worksheets, and checklists that they can implement immediately in your practice.

The best part is that we can tailor make this to your practice specifically if you tell us what materials, appointment structure, and lab sheets you use!


Dental Assistants: Learn everything there is to learn about dentures, mouthguards, bleach trays, splints and snoring appliances and feel more confident at work

Advance your basic dental assisting skills to the next level.  Learn how to assist for some more complex procedures such as Removable Prosthodontics

In a busy practice there is very little time for training and getting you up to speed with these procedures. There are several stages and so many things that are needed to be remembered and set up.

This is stressful when you don’t know what to do or what is expected of you and you are thrown into the deep end.

Reduce stress, enjoy your job, create value. Advance your career.

Get the job satisfaction that you are after by advancing your skills and knowledge about everything you ever wanted to know about these procedures and feel more confident at work



Fixed Orthodontics

  • Understand the 5Ws and the how of Fixed orthodontics – the Why, When, Where, Why, What and How of Orthodontics
  • Get an overview of common orthodontic problems and treatment plans
  • Understand the clinical and financial consent paperwork required and payment plans
  • Recording an orthodontic consultation
  • Understand the different stages from first consultation to removal of braces
  • Prepare for a band up,inter appointment visits and a deband
  • Different parts of fixed appliances – the brackets, the wire, the bands, the hooks, the elastics, the tie wires etc
  • Learn how to chart and use the appropriate item numbers for each appointment
  • Understand dental terminology used in orthodontics and assist your dentist with record keeping and note writing
  • Understand work flow including inter appointment visits, appointment scheduling
  • Learn of the post op instructions required to be given at each stage – reinforcing oral hygiene
  • Learn how to assist a patient with broken appliances and what to check
  • How to make and deliver a retainer post treatement and instructions
  • POS orthodontics is our forte


Removable orthodontics

  • How to record an ortho consultation
  • How to prepare for impression taking, colour selection
  • Learn about the common types of ortho plates and steps in monitoring treatment progress
  • Instruction on delivering a plate
  • Reviewing progress , what to record and monitor


  • Overview of Invislaing works and computer simulations
  • Learn about the common types of button placements and their set up
  • Instruction on delivering the individual aligner at specific times
  • Reviewing progress, what to record and monitor

Myofunctional Appliances

  • An overview of these work and why they are used
  • Instructions given
  • How to set up for review appointment and what to reinforce
  • What tools to use

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Nupur Hackwood

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Dentist with 33+years experience providing practical. hands-on, affordable dental training workshops for the entire dental team. Based in the Gold Coast Queensland / Northern Rivers NSW area, I provide off-site and onsite training and consulting to dental practice members across southern Queensland, northern NSW and Australia. I have owned and operated my own very successful 4 chair dental practice, have trained dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and practice managers for 11 years. I was Head of Quality at National Dental Centre in Singapore for 2 years and have also lived and worked in NZ, Japan and the USA. I am a certified trainer with Cert IV TAE and facilitate workshops at TAFE. I am also a clinical tutor at Griffith University and train young dental students. I really understand the gaps in workflow and processes in dental practices and knowledge and skills of dental team members and am here to help you bridge these gaps and excel.