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OHT_M1 Maximising scope, value adding and seamless workflow for Therapists and Dentists

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(THER1) Maximising scope, value adding and seamless workflow.  Are you ready to practice alongside the Dentist?

A dozen pointers and more

  • Are you bored and want to quit being a therapist as you do not feel challenged or engaged and seem to being doing the same scale and clean every day?

  • Do you feel that your dentist does not feel confident to utilise your scope of training fully?

  • Is the practice not as busy and you see only a few handful of patients each day?

  • Do you find it stressful working with the dentist and find handovers particularly difficult?

  • Are you new to the profession and are looking for a mentor and some guidance?

  • Are you an employer and want your therapist/hygienist to be more productive?

  • Are you thinking of hiring a therapist for your practice but unsure how they can be utilised?


If you answered YES to the above questions then this course is for you.

Feel rewarded by maximising your scope as a health professional.  Don’t get bored just doing scales and cleans, utilise all facets of your training as a therapist or therapist with adult scope. 
Shine bright, lead, become a key player in patient education of services offered and treatment planning, be the catalyst, extend your self.

Adopt a effective time efficient routine for patient communication, compliance in record keeping, patient instructions, handover and triaging and reduce stress levels in handover with your dentists


This full day course will provide you with a good understanding of the following 15 key areas of practice and more:

  1. How to improve work flow, logistics, practice goals, and increase productivity
  2. Understanding and using technology, communication, reflective listening to educate patients and increase case acceptance
  3. Examination using checklists and discussing findings and treatment options with patients confidently using clinical, radiographic, and visual aids
  4. Strategic liaising and triaging with the Dentist for an ideal and effective handover using a structured approach
  5. Diagnosing and managing the 5 Categories of patients based on periodontal health
  6. Scheduling and rescheduling, increasing referrals, building patient base, management of dead time
  7. Communication essentials in managing patients with fears, phobias, special needs, and those with very sensitive teeth and strong gag reflex
  8. Restorations in children – tips and tricks to make it easier
  9. Working closely with the Dental Assistant for assisted hygiene and improve work flow
  10. Periodontal examination, clear and structured OHI, Record keeping, consent, automated notes
  11. Roster, Leave, Time and stress management tips to allow you to enjoy your chosen career
  12. Understanding the use of the “Emergency tool box” and basic principles of triaging with your dentist and team for emergency patients
  13. Mastering scope in areas of in chair whitening and the delivery of trays for medicaments, Splinting and stabilisation of teeth, taking impressions, pouring moulds and making appliances
  14. Assisting your dentist with Orthodontic assessments using checklists and monitoring of  removable, fixed, and myofunctional orthodontic appliances
  15. Screening for snoring and sleep disordered breathing


The power to make a strong positive impact on patient care, case acceptance, productivity and referrals is in your hands. 

Learn the ropes, extend yourself, maximise your scope, reduce stress, enjoy your profession more and feel the difference.

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Nupur Hackwood

Dental Consultant and Trainer Australia

Dentist with 33+years experience providing practical. hands-on, affordable dental training workshops for the entire dental team. Based in the Gold Coast Queensland / Northern Rivers NSW area, I provide off-site and onsite training and consulting to dental practice members across southern Queensland, northern NSW and Australia. I have owned and operated my own very successful 4 chair dental practice, have trained dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and practice managers for 11 years. I was Head of Quality at National Dental Centre in Singapore for 2 years and have also lived and worked in NZ, Japan and the USA. I am a certified trainer with Cert IV TAE and facilitate workshops at TAFE. I am also a clinical tutor at Griffith University and train young dental students. I really understand the gaps in workflow and processes in dental practices and knowledge and skills of dental team members and am here to help you bridge these gaps and excel.