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PM_M3P Implementing Metrics Programme-Roadmap to business success (8 weeks)


PM: Dollars and Sense: Dental business metrics.  Practice by Numbers (4 week Programme)

We teach you how to identify, track, generate and analyse key performance indicator reports yourself, so as to be able to make more informed and strategic practice business decisions. Use numbers to manage your practice and control profits!

The Challenges:

Many dental practice owners and practice managers say the following and seek our help:

  • Production is much lower than I had anticipated
  • I can feel that my practice is on the decline.  I wish I knew what was really going on and how to fix things.
  • I am not making the profits I thought I should be
  • I am constantly needing to advertise and attract new patients
  • My overheads are very high and I don’t know how to control it
  • We don’t have a good way of controlling stock. A lot of stock gets wasted.
  • Staff costs are spiralling. Overtime is out of control. 
  • I feel I have too many staff but I don’t want to be short staffed either
  • I do not have the time to run business reports regularly. No one in my practice knows how to either 
  • I have no idea which reports to run and what to do with it
  • I need help with reporting. I don’t have a good handle over what is happening in the business
  • I do not want to pay huge sums to consultants to get reports each month. I want to learn this myself
  • People talk about overheads and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but what exactly does it include
  • I had a plan but now I feel a sense of loss of control trapped and can’t get back on track. 
  • I don’t know how to grow and am doing the same things without any benefit and feel stuck
  • I know I need to change but have no time or confidence to make the changes

The Solution:

This Programme will help overcome these challenges and you will learn the following:

  • All about dental practice metrics, KPIs, overheads, income, production, P&L statements
  • How to set up the Key Performance Indicators yourself with our guidance initially and then repeat each year
  • Understand the cost of overheads clearly and know how to monitor this
  • Set up an easy way to  automate and generate reports on weekly, monthly, quarterly income and expenses
  • How to use business metrics as your map to get a clear sense of direction as to where you are headed
  • Control overheads closely and course correct immediately
  • Develop a stronger stock control and reduce wastage
  • Develop a better way to manage staff overtime and roster accordingly
  • I wish I knew what was really going on and how to fix things.
  • I do not have the time to run business reports regularly. No one in my practice knows how to either 
  • I have no idea which reports to run and what to do with it
  • Don’t wait until the end of the year or even the month to get nasty surprises on your profit levels
  • Know what lies ahead quickly, develop strategies to course correct and make the changes 
  • Realise your business goals sooner
  • Be free of expensive consultant fees.  Do it yourself

Remember: we train you to generate and analyse these metrics in a simple and time efficient ways yourself and save costs.

If you prefer that we do all the work to set up these automated KPI reports, Dashboards, roster and overtime sheets and other financial and clinical reports please contact us.

Programme outline

Week 1: Complete the 1 day course on Dental Business Metrics – The essentials (Pre-requisite course)

Week 2: Extract and run select reports from your dental software, clean the database, look for outliers and missing information so you can collect the right data in the future. We set up the reporting protocols for you.

Week 3:  Generate Key Performance Indicator reports and Expense reports and get a simple dashboard of key numbers.

Week 4:  Analyse the monthly report in detail and develop a strategy report which guides you in making sound decisions on what you need to do next.


CLICK HERE to request full programme details and fee estimates and we will get in touch with you.

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Course Features

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  • Duration 12 months or month by month
  • Language English
  • Students 45
  • Assessments Yes
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