The success of your dental business is dependent not only on training staff well and having a high performing team, but also on designing and implementing practical and effective systems, processes, and metrics to manage the day-to-day operations of your practice

Problem Solving and Process Improvement are my forte. Let me take care of all your practice management needs so you can focus on what you enjoy doing the most!

Our Dental Practice Management Solutions are split into 4 categories (The 4Ps)


4Ps of our Dental Practice Management Solutions

P1: People

4 Courses

P2: Process

4 courses

P3: Purchases

4 courses

P4: Production

4 courses

p1: People

Your staff are your most valued asset. I provide Team Building and Dental Staff Training Courses for Dental Assistants, Dental Receptionists, Dental Practice Managers, Dental Owners, Dental Treatment Coordinators, Dental Clinic Coordinators and Dental teams as a whole. Performance Appraisals, Staff Engagement and Staff Retention, Leadership, Company Culture are other areas we focus on.

Choose from one of the 4 courses in this category.

p2: Processes

Clear Processes and Procedures are critical to the smooth functioning of any business.

I help improve day to day processes such as Dental Patient Flow, Practice flow and interruptions, Quality care in Dentistry, Patient Care and Service Recovery, Dental Triage and team work, Morning Huddles, Staff Team Meetings, Dental Clinical Records Management, Consent and Risk Management, Dental Clinic operations, Dental Lab work management and more. 

Which process in your practice is the roadblock? Choose from the courses below or mix and match courses that would best suit you.

p3: purchases & overheads

Controlling and reducing costs improve productivity.

I assist practices understand and manage the cost of running a dental practice. I focus on setting up sound systems and processes for the purchase and reduction of cost of dental stock and supplies, instruments and equipment and reduce overheads. A sound rostering system that ties in with HPSS awards, all linked with accounting software helps manage staffing and overtime costs.

Working hard but not seeing any changes in the bottom line. Need someone to appraise what's going on? Need better systems to manage overheads in purchasing or staff costs? We have some powerful tools that will help your reduce overheads.

P4: Production

Setting and achieving Business Production Goals is important.

Increasing production does not happen overnight by attending a course. It is the end result of fine tuning many aspects of the business mainly PEOPLE, PROCESSES, PURCHASES AND COSTS. Other areas I focus on is Internal Dental Marketing strategies to grow the patient base.

I have developed a strong 12 step approach for Dentists and TCs to increase dental case acceptance. Producing Dental Dashboards that report on Dental KPI so as to guide the practice into reaching production goals is our forte along with showing how to use P&L and cashflow statements.

Do you have a clear financial roadmap of where you are headed? Do you know how to read your cashflow, forecast your profit and loss and make sense of all the other financial reports? Do you know what your practice is worth ? The EBITDA number? Do you rely just on the dental software reports? Let us help you have 20/20 vision of the health of your business with advanced excel tools like Power Bi, Power Pivot, Dashboarding, VBA in reporting.

Select from one of the many courses listed on our Practice Management Solutions page or design the training course that best suits your practice needs currently ... we will make it happen!

4Ps of our Dental Practice Management Solutions

PEOPLE: Developing High-Performing Teams

Developing teams with clear focus and clarity on their job responsibilities and providing them with the right tools to empower them. Investing in regular continuous quality training of all staff members in your team reaps rich rewards.


PROCESSES: Improving Dental Business Processes

Streamlining all your dental business processes allows for a smoother flow and a happier and calmer workplace. Continuously improve processes for better flow.


PURCHASES: Reduce Overheads, Don't overspend

Managing costs of running a business especially a Dental Business are huge! This can easily get out of hand if you loose sight of cost of overheads.


PRODUCTION: Run a Productive Dental Business

Understand the high costs of running a dental business. Meet all your obligations and get paid well for all the hard work that goes into being a Dentist and Owner


Sound First-hand Industry Knowledge

Rest Easy. We have you covered.  With 34+ years experience as a Dentist, Educator, Researcher, Trainer and 11 years of owning and operating my own busy, private dental practice, I know what it takes to run a successful business. John Hackwood brings his vast experience with using Excel in financial modelling and producing critical business reports so you can have a clear map of where your business is headed. I am a certified trainer and assessor.

No contracts, flexible and affordable

You don’t have to sign up to any expensive and long contracts. There are no membership fees. Pick the courses that best suit your needs. Add courses and programmes to bridge the gaps in your practice. It is totally flexible. Our prices are not just competitive, you have to see it to believe how affordable I have made it for you. My passion is training, my mission is to help as many dental team members as I can to excel in their roles. Call 0407732297 now!

Tailored programmes targeting your needs

The basis of my business model for the onsite or even online team workshops is that I tailor the programme you choose to your specific challenges. It is not the same course delivered to every practice because I understand that one-size does not fit all! Tell me what your challenges are and let me do the work for you. I make it easy to run your practice. Call 0407732297 now for your free consultation with me.

Based on 4 key business components

I focus on 4 key business components: PEOPLE + PROCESS + PURCHASES + PRODUCTION.  Being a dental practice owner for 11 years, I strongly believe that these Big 4 are the pillars and are critical to the success of your dental practice. All our dental training courses and practice management programmes are designed with these 4 key components in mind. One with the other will let you down. Which component are you lacking? Call me now 0407732297

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There is never a better time to start problem solving. Find out which solution would best solve your problem.

If you cannot quite narrow it down, simply call us. Tell us what you want. We go back to the drawing board and tailor a programme to suit your needs – to solve your unique problem. We understand no one shoe can fit all!

Don’t spend money getting locked into a membership plan that may not benefit you. Design your own training and leave the rest to us. We bring it to you.

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