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What keeps you awake at night ?

How can you reduce the stress?

Dentistry can be a stressful profession and many suffer high levels of stress and burnout.

Some common problems voiced by dental team members are described below.

Do you have these gaps in your practice?

Dental Practice Owners


  1. I am working long hours, I hardly take holidays and yet I am not making the money I thought I would make. My practice is on the decline and it is disturbing

  2. I don’t have a steady appointment book and feel like I am on a roller coaster and the competition is getting harder and harder. It is so hard these days to attract new patients and keep the existing ones and I am spending a lot of money on advertising

  3. I don’t have the skills or the time to run reports regularly which I need to keep a close eye on the financials and Key Performance Indicator.  There is a lot of wastage, staff costs are spiraling, overtime is out of control and the production is much lower than I had anticipated

  4. My new dentist is not as productive and I think they are missing things and not as thorough which I am worried about but I don’t know how I can manage this.  They see a lot of the new patients but are not able to lock in the appointments

  5. I am doing a lot of cleans and am not sure if I need to hire a hygienist/therapist.  I feel my books will not be as full if I hire a therapist and also that it could be tricky working with them

  6. I didn’t realise how hard it is to manage staff.  Staff are not motivated, they are very difficult to manage and some are very disruptive and I don’t know what to do.  I am stressed and feel I am not cut out to be a leader

  7. There are so many roadblocks in my practice.  The practice always seems chaotic and there is no time to develop the business.  The same problems keep coming up again and again.  I need good systems and processes to streamline the practice and make it more efficient

  8. I am spinning wheels, I feel isolated and burnt out.  I feel I am doing the same things over and over. I want to learn new things and new ways of doing things and need some direction to grow and change

  9. Working for myself has not given me more time for myself or my family.  I do not have this freedom and I just can’t seem to be able to switch off.  I want to quit as I am working too hard with very little gain.  I feel I have provided a good job for everyone else but myself.

  10. I feel trapped and have very little control over how things should be run and be managed. I just want to do good Dentistry and not have to deal with all the other things.

  11.  I had a plan but now I feel lost and can’t get back on track. I feel a sense of loss of control and stuck. I lack clarity and am not enjoying my dentistry at the moment.

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Dental Practice Managers


  1. I wish I could assist my dentist with managing the practice better but feel ill equipped.  I need to do some advanced training as  I have not had much exposure to practice management

  2. Managing staff and keeping them motivated is a constant battle

  3. I wish we had time to implement good systems for all our processes.  We keep firefighting and the same problems recur

  4. Automating repetitive tasks would free me up to do other jobs but I don’t know how to set up automation

  5. Running an efficient continuing care/recall system is key to our business and I wish I knew how to set this up

  6. I do not have the time to run business reports regularly and also am not very good at it so it does not get done


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Dentists transitioning into private practice


  1. I used to feel confident about my skills and knowledge, but since starting in private practice, I feel overwhelmed and unprepared and am quickly loosing confidence as I feel I know so little

  2. There is a constant pressure of not being able to finish on time and this is very stressful.  When I run late, it annoys my dental assistant and also the receptionist as she has to manage patient expectations

  3. I have to attend to a lot of dental emergencies and sometimes I am not sure what to do.  It looks very unprofessional and I do not have a mentor to go to.  Patients are sometimes squeezed in and this is also very stressful.

  4. Faced with complex cases or difficult extractions, I feel embarrassed to go and get help as I feel my peers and boss might think that I don’t have the skills required for the job.  I don’t want to loose face

  5. I have had very little or no experience with treatment planning and discussing fees and I wish I could have someone teach me how to go about this.  I also am unsure if I have missed anything and worried that it could be negligence on my part

  6. I am finding it very difficult to write all my notes in between patients as there is very little time and am having to spend hours after work to write them up


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Therapists and hygienists transitioning into private practice


  1. I used to feel confident about my skills and knowledge, but since starting in a private practice, I feel overwhelmed and unprepared and do not feel I am ready

  2. I get the largest share of children in the practice but I am not comfortable treating children with dental anxiety or deep cavities as it is very stressful

  3. I don’t know how to work alongside the Dentist as we were never really trained well on handovers and how to communicate with the dentist quickly as they are always in such a rush

  4. Many of the patients are anxious or have sensitive teeth and doing cleans all day is draining.  I am not sure if this career is for me.

  5.  I am trained as a therapist, but I am only doing cleans and not utilising my full scope of practice.  I am finding this very boring and monotonous.

  6. I don’t feel I get enough time to do a good job and don’t feel like I can ask to extend my appointments


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Dental Receptionists

  1. I am having to multitask and manage phone calls, walk-ins, emails, and billing over on top of managing the appointment books.  I don’t seem to have enough time in the day to complete all my jobs and I feel dissatisfied and wish I had a better system to manage my workload

  2. When patients cancel at the last minute or fail to show up, I find it very difficult to fill the book and don’t really know what I should be doing to have a full and productive book

  3. I am unable to meet the targets the practice owner imposes on me and feel ill equipped to be doing reception duties

  4. There are so many dental procedures and I wish I understood them better so I could respond to patient’s queries with confidence

  5. I have been in the same job for a long time and I feel stuck.  I want to progress through my career but don’t know how

  6. When patients are upset or angry, it is very stressful and I have never been good at managing conflict


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Dental Assistants


  1. I feel overwhelmed with how much I need to know to be able to assist the dentists and they don’t have the time to teach me

  2. It is so fast moving and I don’t seem to be able to keep up and this is very stressful

  3. I have been doing dental assisting for a long time now and feel stuck and would like to do some courses and progress in my career.  I want to be able to order stock and manage the clinics

  4. I work so closely with the dentist in a confined space for 8 hours or more and we need to be able to get along but my dentist is not very communicative

  5. I don’t have have any skills in 4-handed dental assisting and my dentist needs this and I wish I could learn how to do this

  6. I wish I had better skills in conflict management and was able to talk to other staff members directly and openly when something does not get done


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The Dental team as a whole


  1. There is a lot of negativity and staff are not working as a team but rather each one does their own thing and they don’t help each other

  2. There is a culture of backstabbing and not being honest with each other and this is creating a lot of animosity.  I feel anxious about going to work and the problems that I will have to face

  3. Some staff members do not have the right service mindset and can come across as being indifferent or even rude with patients

  4. I feel totally lost in the practice.  I don’t know if I am doing my job well or not, there is no feedback and it is demoralising as my work does not get acknowledged

  5.  We seem to have the same problems all the time but there are no structured meetings or avenues to address and solve the problem

  6. There is no clear guideline on what the standards are for each job and each one does things differently.  I wish there was more structure and rules in the place we could follow and if it was clearer as to who did what and when


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How Just Excel can bridge these gaps in your dental practice?


  • With 30+ years experience in the dental industry, I know very well the heartaches and stresses of working in and managing a dental practice.

  • My knowledge and first hand experience across a wide range of business matters can help guide and facilitate your team through a process of self-discovery, change management, business success, healthy work-life balance, and peace of mind.

  • I know what challenges new graduate dentists or therapists face.  I have hired young graduates and also teach at the University and so have a first hand knowledge of their levels of skill and training.

  • I train dental assistants at TAFE and have trained many receptionists and practice managers.  I know the steep learning curves you face and can coach and mentor team members to achieve the success they so desire.

  • I offer practical, hands on, easy to implement workshops with the aim of solving many of the problems and gaps in practice stated here

  • I can tailor the content to address any specific needs you and your team face and I can also deliver it in-house if that is more convenient


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The problems described here are largely internal and shared with many teams.  Gaps in any business need to be bridged quickly to stop the drain and improve the flow.  Let us help you bridge the gaps.