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I bring 30+ years of experience as a Dental Clinician in Private practice and 10+ years as a Dental Business Owner, CEO and Leader to my Practice Management, Consulting, Training, Coaching, and Mentoring Business.

I am passionate about guiding, mentoring and coaching practice owners and other dental team members to EXCEL in whatever role they play within the practice.

I have an unique mix of hands on Clinical experience, Business expertise, and Leadership skills that gives me this insight to problem solving and realigning your goals to your vision.

Creating a healthy work-life balance by working on streamlining the business is the goal. Trust me.  I have been there, done it, experienced the highs and lows !

Committed to enabling you to excel in your role



Problem solver with high energy, motivation, drive, enthusiasm, can-do attitude, kind, passionate, and an experienced Dentist and successful past practice owner


I bring 30+ years of experience of working with big businesses in the field of finance, sales, credit risk, management and financial modelling.

I have been a co-owner of a Dental Practice for 10+ years and have had hands-on experience in setting up the businesses processes in making a practice flow seamlessly.

I am passionate about organisational effectiveness and simplifying repetetive tasks so as to free up staff to look at the bigger picture rather than the tedious tasks that can be automated with smart EXCEL based solutions.

I can help you get a handle on your business financials, Key Performance Indicators, and spreadsheet problems and automate tedious tasks freeing up time to do other vital things.

 Committed to a partnership in excellence



Increasing work flow effectiveness and productivity with Excel financial modelling, Excel Macros or VBA, Excel Dashboards, Power Query and more for all your reporting needs and other functions such as rostering, payroll, stock management and more.













Our goal is to train, assist, guide, mentor and bridge any gaps in your practice of dentistry


Committed to excellence



Practical, down to earth guidance on the day to day running of a
successful and happy dental practice



We are practical, affordable, and down to earth and believe that in simplicity & repeatability lie the answers

We allow you to excel in your field of expertise by setting up work flows that allow you to be self sufficient.

Manage change with an inclusive mentality so that all staff are on board

I am a Dentist and a past owner myself and have the right team members that can guide you on the right path.

[read] My rigorous and broad based training in Dentistry has provided for a strong basis for not just understanding my role as a clinician but also as a business owner, critical thinker, researcher and problem solver.

Set attainable goals, direction and get clarity specific to your vision and philosophy

Set up the key systems and processes necessary and critical to running a smooth practice

Assemble, Train and Assess the high performance team needed to make a business tick

Ensure that the reasons you are doing what you set out to do are achievable [/read]


We understand that no one size approach fits all practices

To help you understand the gaps in your practice from all perspectives, trouble shoot with you and team members, and come up with solutions that will bridge these gaps and have the support of all staff

Provide you with the clarity around roles and help you train, align and assess your staff to your vision

[read] I have worked in various roles in the Dental business and truly understand what it takes to run a smooth practice and understand that

To support and motivate you and really help you focus and prioritise and achieve your goals

To manage change in an inclusive manner ensuring it’s success [/read]


Overcome your unique frustrations, anguish, and stresses of running a business

Be more productive whilst working less and enjoying a healthy work-life balance

Position yourself in front of the queue and compete with the big players

Synchronise strong systems and processes where every member knows their part.

[read] Guide you in making those decisions that are often hard

Conduct strong performance appraisals and learning strategies for conflict management

Develop strategic and doable business plans where you have staff buy-in

Achieve the harmony and happiness in your life and enjoy the work-life balance you deserve

Enjoy all the reasons you wanted to start up business in the first place [/read]


Understand that what you do not measure, you cannot improve.  Start managing with numbers.  Watch the stress levels go down

Put in automated systems that allow you to easily measure and view your dashboard results weekly, monthly, yearly and see the difference it makes in how you manage the business

Attract, convert, retain patients and keep them coming back year after year by systemising and implementing strong recall and recare wokflows

Measuring and monitoring the right key performance indicators so as to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your patients returning

[read] Allow for in depth root cause analysis to diagnose the health of the business and unblock any hurdles

How to run a group practice effectively or compete against a group practice

My job is to get you past the hurdle you currently face.  My team and I have the right skills, know how, and the passion and drive to get you there.[/read]


Nupur Hackwood

General Dentist

Specialist Paediatric Dentist

BDS (Hons) || Australian Dental Council 1998

MDS (Distinction) 1988  ||   PhD 1993 (University of Otago, NZ)

Cert IV Training and Assessment

Certified NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner

I graduated as a Dentist (Hons) in 1986 and went on to specialise in Paediatric Dentistry (Distinction) in 1988 from the University of Otago in NZ.  I then completed my PhD degree in 1993 from NZ followed by several stints as a post-doctoral research fellow not only in NZ but also in the USA and Japan.

I have held full AHPRA registration in Australia since 1998 as both a General Dentist and a Specialist which indeed is very rare. There are also not many practicing dental clinicians with a PhD degree either. This rigorous training in Dentistry has provided me with a strong basis for not just working as a clinician but also as a critical thinker, researcher and problem solver.

My unique mix of skills means that I can bridge the gap in many roles drawing from my experience:

  • as a clinician both as a General Dentist and a specialist Paediatric Dentist
  • in private solo practice, group practice, and in the public Hospital in 5 different countries
  • as an Employee dentist as well as an Employer and CEO of her own buisness
  • as a mentor and a coach for numerous new dental graduates, hygienists, threrapists
  • as an employer of dentists, therapists, dental receptionists and managers
  • as a certified trainer delivering certificate courses in dental assisting
  • as a NLP coach and trainer
  • as a  researcher with several publications under her name
  • as a clinical tutor training dental students at both Queensland Univ and Griffith Univ,
  • as a voluntary dental aid worker with a NGO in India

John Hackwood

Excel Spreadsheet Analyst

Financial Modelling Consultant

Bachelor of Business degree

Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment

Co-owner and Business Manager for Toothwise

Financial Analayst, Credit Risk Manager

I hold a degree in Business BBus(Acctg) QUT and GradDipAppFin (SIA). I started off life as an accountant and progressed to finance, contract and credit management roles in large resource companies like Comalco, BHP & Anglo American which has given me a wealth of broad business experience.

I also part owned and worked in the dental practice with Nupur for over 10 years, employing staff, doing payrolls, BAS Returns etc., so I also understand the needs and business systems and processes engaged in the running of a dental practice.


Common Business problems an Excel Consultant can help you with:

• Identify KPIs & Create interactive dashboards that visualise them easily

• Create an interactive business model  to visualise your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats

• Develop quick & easy ways to create key management reports

• Analyse & make clear sense of data using interactive features that slice & dice data

• Forecast cash flow or profit or patient numbers

• Automate repetitive & time consulting, costly manual data entry


Private Practice Experience as an Employee Dentist

[read]  Dr Hackwood honed her clinical skills in Australia as an employee dentist in private country practices near Shepparton and neighbouring Seymour as well as in the outskirts of Melbourne in Victoria.  She then relocated to Queensland  and worked in a very modern private practice in the Redlands.

All four private practices had different styles of operation, different structures, different management styles, different philosophies of investment in equipment and preferences for materials, different approach to fee collection, different types of staff training and development, different philosophies of running a business.

This amazing experience over a 6 year period (1998-2004) helped build a good understanding of the business and practice of Dentistry in the private setting allowing her the confidence to move on to purchasing and operating her own practice.

It also provide a good understanding of the role an Associate dentist plays within a practice and strategies to seek and gain mentorship from the senior/Lead dentist.[/read]

Private Practice Experience as an Employer and CEO

[read]  In 2005, Dr Hackwood bought a one chair branch practice and had 1 Dental Assistant and 1 Receptionist to start with and about 500 active patients.  The practice was successful and grew rapidly from 1 to 2 to 3 to finally  4 chairs ; had 3 dentists a Therapist and a hygienist and a total staff count of around 15 at the end of 10 years.

Owning and operating her own practice Nupur gained deep insight into all aspects of practice management and the business of dentistry.  In particular she was able to set up systems and procedures that could be duplicated repeatedly.

Intensive weekly training sessions and meetings allowed her to deal with and fine tune problematic areas quickly allowing for better flow and better management of the practice.  Staff development and growth were her priority and this in turn translated to a more productive team.

Turning a 1 chair practice to 4 chairs and selling it successfully after 10 years to have the freedom to enjoy other things in life. [/read]

Tutor, Mentor and Coach at University

[read]  Besides being a dental clinician with great acumen, Dr Hackwood has been a clinical tutor supervising all levels of students at both Queensland University and at Griffith University and understands the scope and practice of the undergraduate curriculum and how it translates to the real world of dental practice.

She understands the gaps in training and knowledge possible at Universities and is in a unique position to address the needs of young graduate students very well. [/read]

Trainer and Assessor

[read]  Dr Hackwood’s passion is in training and therefore, she completed a Cert IV in training and assessment:  This allowed her to plan her training sessions keeping in mind the learning patterns of her trainees.  All training was followed by assessment to ensure that staff were able to perform their given jobs competently.

She is able to deliver tailor made skill sets and courses to train the entire team from Dental Assistants to Receptionists to Dentists. [/read]

Head of Quality at a Large Dental Centre in Singapore

[read]  My experience as Head of Quality at the National Dental Centre is invaluable in setting up systems to implement and monitor high quality of dental care. [/read]

Certified NLP coach and trainer

[read]  Being able to guide and lead her team to be motivated and to deliver the outcomes desirable of the business was as part of being trained in NLP techniques.[/read]

Practice Purchase, takeovers and Practice sale experience

[read]  Dr Hackwood is familiar with what to look for in a business before agreeing to the purchase and how to prepare for the sale of your practice.  She is also in a position to advise clients on takeovers and as to how best it is managed.[/read]

General Dentist

[read]  Nupur practiced General Dentistry with a special focus on managing phobic and apprehensive adults and children.  She delivered all aspects of dentistry including root canal treatment, crowns, bridges and veneers, mini implants and orthodontics.

Nupur completed the POS programme in Orthodontics and completed numerous fixed appliance cases as well as did interceptive orthodontics to correct jaw size and position both with removable and fixed appliances and Myofunctional braces.

Nupur did several course including Dr Steve Olmos courses on TMJ Dysfunction, snoring and sleep apnoea and has delivered many appliances to patients to combat snoring.[/read]

Specilaist Paediatric Dentist

[read]  Dr Hackwood did not limit her practice to specialist paediatric care as she felt the skills she learnt in her Masters programme trained her to manage phobic and apprehensive adults as well.

Dr Hackwood develop new techniques besides the traditional methods described to manage children.  This technique called GSD is easily taught and many clinicians have used this with great success in managing difficult children.[/read]

Humanitarian aid work

[read]  Nupur and her husband set up a charity dental clinic in remote West Bengal, India and she returns each year to provide dental treatment to the community.[/read]



Lead yourself  ||  Lead your staff  ||  Excel in your practice


In 2005, Dr Hackwood bought a one chair practice and had two staff members.  Within 12 months, the practice had expanded to  4 chairs, 3 dentists, a hygienist/therapist and 15+ staff.  As planned, Dr Hackwood sold her successful practice just before her 55th birthday allowing the next phase of the journey to unfold.

Dr Hackwood gained deep insight into the business aspect of running a practice, staff management, goal setting, and leadership and and led her team through a myriad of challenges and successes.

[read more] She set up systems and procedures with staff buy-in that could be duplicated repeatedly.  This allowed more time to work on the business rather than in the business as it reduced firefighting.

Dr Hackwood understands leadership well and led her staff to become a high functioning, cohesive and very productive team.  She also fine tuned her staff selection criterion, introduced strong orientation programmes, and had 360 degree performance appraisals to allow for better performance.

Structured weekly training sessions and meetings allowed her to deal with problematic areas quickly allowing for better leadership, better guidance and therefore better management of the practice. Staff development and growth were her priority and she developed many training programes over the 11 years which in turn translated to a more engaged, highly trained, motivated and productive dental team.[/read]

Whilst some are born Leaders, others can learn to be Leaders with the right guidance and training.


John Hackwood joined the Dental Business in 2006 after having worked in senior management roles in BHP Billiton and Anglo Coal among others.  His background in Accounting, Finance, Sales and Marketing and his superior knowledge of Excel Analytics, task automation, Dashboard reports was truly a happy marriage between his skills and my focus on setting up streamlined systems and processes .

[read more] Using his advanced Excel specialist skills, John was instrumental in setting up innovative, easy to use, streamlined and automated systems for payroll, rostering, stock ordering, lab bills management, equipment maintenance, BAS returns, end of day close checks and balances, 360 degree performance appraisals, outstanding monthly reports and more.

Managing by numbers is our forte and having highly visual and clear dashboards on key performance indicators generated at the simple push of a button was a key success factor in the business.  Dashboard reporting allows for easy visuals on the heath of the business weekly, monthly annually and helps drive production in the direction it needs to head.[/read]

The simple act of automating repetitive tasks, streamlining systems and processes, and looking at reports closely increases productivity as it allows the right focus and corrections in a timely manner.


Streamlining || Reporting || Productivity


Quality  ||  Training  ||  Work Life Balance


What you measure, you can monitor.  What you monitor you can improve.

Dr Hackwood was the appointed HEAD of quality in Dentistry at the prestigious National Dental Centre in Singapore for two years.  She was instrumental in setting up quality indicators for both clinical and non-clinical processes that make for a successful dental practice.

Empowering staff by training is Dr Hackwood’s passion and she truly believes that relevant and timely training not only allows staff to deliver the services well but also makes them confident and less reticent of doing tasks.

[read more] Dr Hackwood’s passion is in training and her experience with completing the Cert IV in training and assessment and hands-on training of staff in her practice, and students at Univeristy and at TAFE have given her a deep insight into learning styles and in designing courses to train and assess staff with different learning styles.[/read]

Getting the two elements of Quality and Training right translates to better work flow with less stress which in turn translates to increase in productivity and a better balance between your work life and life outside of work.


The language we use with patients helps us build rapport in establishing connections and negotiating relationships. I believe that honesty, integrity, and having the expertise to deliver are the three most important assets in building rapport with patients and making them return to see you year after year.

[read more] With so many dentists offering gap free treatment, it is still important to remember that the patient is primarily looking for a good relationship, someone they can trust, feel good about and feel safe with, in a competitive market.

Good communication skills at all points of patient entry and exit by all staff keeping all lines of communication open, especially when the chips are down, is essential in running a successful dental practice. Hearing what is said and more importantly hearing what is not said is part of the broader skills of communication which can be learnt, but one needs to practice.

“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family”. Virginia Satir. In a busy practice, a harsh word said in haste can be very damaging.[/read]

Attracting new patients and keeping them for life is an art and a science.


Communication || Rapport || Patient retention


General Dentistry and much more …


Dr. Hackwood has vast experience in general dentistry, diagnosis, treatment planning, patient communications, crown and bridge work, dentures, mini-implants, removable and fixed orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, sleep disordered breathing, managing patients with extreme levels of fears and phobias, managing complex cases, and buying, managing and selling a practice.[read] As Head of Quality in Dentistry at Singapore, Nupur was responsible for implementing clinical and service indicators for measuring quality care in dentistry and monitoring and presenting Key performance Indicators to senior management teams.  My team members and I have the depth of knowledge and expertise to help you with this vital element of your business.

Dr Hackwood has develop new techniques to manage children with fears and phobias and has presented in Australia, South America and India on this novel technique called GSD which she combines with CBT and NLP.

Working at the public hospital has given Dr Hackwood the incredible experience of managing patients with dental and medical problems often not seen in the private sphere.  Dr Hackwood set up a dental clinic for the special needs individuals of a home as well as villagers in remote India and she draws from this wealth of experience as well.

Having both bought and sold her practice, she offers guidance and insights outside of financials to others planning to embark on this journey.[/read]


To guide and train individual team members to deliver consistently at a level guaranteed to bring excellence and success.

Mission: Demystify and Master

To demystify, understand and master all the patient centred systems and processes and nuts and bolts required to run an efficient and productive dental business.

VALUES: Continuous Improvement

To strive for continuous improvement and excel.

Philosophy: Self Sufficiency

To make you self-sufficient in practicing successfully in your chosen field of Dentistry