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 I provide practical and down-to-earth Dental Training courses for all members of the Dental Team online, offline, or onsite. We mix and match courses and tailor them to suit your practice needs.

I love training. It is my passion! 

For all your Dental Training Needs choose Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting. Allow me to do the hard work for you!

Dental practice Management

I assist Dental Practice Owners & Managers put into place effective processes, metrics, teams, and strategies so that they can bridge the gaps in their practice, improve business operations, and build a productive & happy business.

You were not trained in Dental Practice Management. Let me take care of this and, allow you to excel in what you were trained for.
Enjoy your life.!

dental COACH and mentor

Giving you perspective, shining a light on the gaps, allowing you to see and overcome hurdles, challenging you to think like a leader, setting realistic goals, growing. We make it easier for you, take away the pain and help you find the leader in you!

Whether you are a new graduate or experienced, you are not alone. I am here to listen, guide and support you during the tough times.
Just Excel!



dental practice management, dental staff training, dental courses


Who I am

Hello and welcome to my site.  I am Nupur.  I am a Dentist and the founder and Director of Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting.  

I have nearly 35 years experience in the dental industry spanning 6 countries. My extensive experience in Dental Training and Dental Practice Management comes from a unique blend of being a General Dentist, Dental Specialist, Practice Owner and Manager for 11 years running weekly staff growth and training sessions, Dental Research Scientist, University Clinical Tutor, TAFE trainer for Cert III in Dental Assisting, Head of Department in Quality in Dentistry, and a Certified Trainer and Assessor.

What I do

I challenge all Dental Practice Team members, to excel in their roles through awesome dental training, practical problem solving, and quality process improvement to create happy and high-performing teams and ultimately a productive and successful dental practice delivering quality dental care to patients in a great work culture. 

For all your Dental Practice Management, Dental Staff Training and Dental courses contact Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting.

My mantra

People – Processes – Production 

Focus on training your people and improving your processes and production will naturally follow. Gain more control of your business, reduce stress, earn more money, scale your business, claim back time, enjoy life and be happy! 

My forte

Problem solving, Training, Continuous Process improvement, Creating High-performing Teams and the Right Culture.


I make life easy for you! I solve your challenges and ease your burden.

CHOOSE Just Excel for all your Training needs

I make your life easier.

Turn challenges encountered by Dental Team Members into opportunities, through our well designed and very practical Dental Training Courses for Dentists, Dental Receptionists, Dental Assistants, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Clinic Co-ordinators, Treatment Co-ordinators and entire Dental teams. We can even tailor courses to suit your specific needs. Talk to us.

I also provide focussed Dental Practice Management programmes for Dental Practice Owners and Dental Practice Managers to allow them to bridge the gaps in their dental practice. Make Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting your one-stop shop to create high-performing teams and successful dental practices. Let us do the hard work for you.

Let Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting be your go to place for your Dental Practice Management needs, Dental Staff Training, Dental Course and Dental Business Solutions.


my training focusses on 4 key business components


One without the other is a recipe for failure. I can help you with all 4 components so that you can reduce stress, earn more money, scale your business, enjoy your dentistry, claim back precious time, live life, enjoy and be happy !

For all your Dental Practice Management, Dental Staff Training and Dental courses contact Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting.

Sound Dental Processes

Streamlining all your dental business processes allows for a smoother flow and a happier and calmer workplace.


High-Performing Dental Teams

Developing teams with clear focus and clarity on their job responsibilities and providing them with the right tools to empower them in their jobs is key.


Quality Dental Training & Courses

Investing in regular continuous quality training of all staff members in your team reaps rich rewards.


Right Culture

Your company culture is everything. How you set the standards and lead is how your team will follow. Get this right and enjoy your business.


Dentistry is my profession, but Training dental teams to excel in their roles is my passion!


“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”  Henry Ford

For all your Dental Practice Management, Dental Staff Training and Dental courses contact Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting.


Owners & Managers

dental training courses

Trying hard to run a successful, productive and happy practice, but overworked, stressed, having staff problems, or spinning wheels and wanting to takeback control of your life? Want peace of mind and realise your dreams ?



dental training courses

 Looking to improve your communications skills with patients to build better relationships and increase your dental case acceptance rate? Just graduated, trying to find your feet, overwhelmed and lacking confidence in taking the next step?


Oral Health Therapists

dental training courses

Wanting to develop better skills in dental patient handovers and improve patient communications for increased case acceptance? Finding it stressful to manage difficult children or even apprehensive adults with low pain threshold?

Smiling woman with headset and computer monitor

Dental Receptionists


Wanting to improve phone skills and talk to patients with confidence? Lacking the knowledge of Dentistry? Wanting to convert more calls to appointments? Have so much to do and so little time or help? Feel stressed when patients demand an appointment?

Portrait of a young female doctor wearing a blue coat posing in a dentist office with medical equipment in the background

Dental Assistants


 Looking to improve your communications skills with patients and don’t know what to say? Want to be a better assistant and anticipate the needs of the dentist better? Know very little about setting up for RCT or fixed pros or Orthodontics? We have the advanced training for you.

Treatment Coordinators


Wanting to do a better job explaining dental procedures and costs to patients in a way that  they are more accepting of treatment? Feel frustrated when patients come up with numerous objections and don’t make an appointment? Be more confident and increase case acceptance.

improve processes - EXCEL IN YOUR PRACTICE



For all your Dental Practice Management, Dental Staff Training and Dental courses contact Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting.

Dental Process Management

get your house in order

Understand the key business processes upon which the success of your dental practice depends. Develop and manage sound processes, and continuously improve & deliver quality services. 

Dental Practice Metrics (KPI)

know where you are headed

Identify, track, and analyse key performance indicators (Dental KPIs) and make more informed and strategic practice business decisions. Use metrics as your map to get to your goals quicker. Don’t drive blind. 

Leadership and Culture


Create a culture that allows teams to  engage and to have a clear focus on what it is you want to achieve. Develop and strengthen your leadership skills to align your team and set the culture right.

Staff Meetings, and Training

close the loop with teams

 Conduct regular staff meetings and huddles with a clear, defined purpose of identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Provide the staff training to bridge the gaps in your team.

Scale your practice for growth

plan and Get where you want to go

Develop strong systems, processes, and people to grow your practice in a way that is repeatable in every way with or without you. Don’t get left behind.  Get where you want to go without the heartache.

Staff Performance Appraisals

appraisals with confidence

Identify your team’s strength and weaknesses through performance appraisals that are easy to conduct and not stressful for team members. Develop targeted training programmes.

Automate and Increase Efficiency

Automate and save time and costs

Streamline and automate routine processes such as Stock management, Staff Rostering, Payroll, end of day close, Leave, Lab work, Financial counselling, consent, clinical notes and more. 

Conduct surveys and mystery calls

know the pulse of your practice

Know what to improve and when. Find out what your patients and staff think of you and your team. Let continuous quality improvement through first-hand knowledge guide your business. 




For all your Dental Practice Management, Dental Staff Training and Dental courses contact Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting.

Read what dental team members say about our dental practice management, dental staff training & dental courses they have attended


Smiling woman with headset and computer monitor

Dental Receptionist: Fatema: Sydney NSW

The Dental Receptionist course has been very helpful, I feel more confident when I am talking to patients.  The first lesson Dental Anatomy, Dental Caries, Gum and Bone disease was very informative and very helpful in understanding the concerns and questions patients have. I have been able to effectively book in appointments.   My notes have considerably improved and it is very helpful for our Dentists and DAs.
I really appreciate you taking the extra effort in including very basics and details about the Dental Anatomy. You have been very cooperative and informative throughout the process.  I feel more confident … I have been able to effectively book in appointments … My notes have considerably improved
Online Course Oct 2020:  Empower your Dental Receptionist to be the best brand Ambassador

Dentist: New Grad: Dr Georgie: Northern Rivers NSW

“Dr Nupur has a wealth of experience and expertise in both general and paediatric dentistry. I am privileged as a new graduate dentist to have worked closely with Dr Nupur in private practice as a colleague and mentor. I have found her advice and teachings informative, enlightening and invaluable.”
Dental Coaching/Mentoring 2017
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Eden: Gold Coast QLD

“What I liked is that we could all sit and talk about our situations and not just have information hammered at us.”
Team Workshop:  Building Appointment books – A Team effort: Sept 2019
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Leriant: Gold Coast QLD

“I liked everything. The way Dr Nupur presented each topic was amazing, giving real cases of real life. Also explained so many things that I was lacking in. I would have another workshop anytime.”
Onsite Team Workshop Sept 2019:  Building appointment books – A Team effort

Dental Practice Owner: Dr Kate: Gold Coast QLD

Nupur was well prepared and was very interesting.  It was all good, it focused on our needs and problems.
Onsite Team Workshop Sep 2019:  Building appointment books – A Team effort 

Dental Practice Manager: Pam: Gold Coast QLD

Learnt a lot and found it very informative and helpful. Thank you.
Onsite Team Workshop Sept 2019:  Building appointment books – A Team Effort

Dentist: Dr Katelyn: Gold Coast QLD

“Very informative day and Nupur was easy to talk to. Engaging, giving me some great insights into how to communicate effectively with both Adult and Paediatric patients. Made me reflect on myself as a practitioner and identify how I can grow professionally.”
Onsite Team Workshop Sept 2019:  Building appointment books – A Team Effort 

Dental Practice Owner: Dr Emma: Darra QLD

“Staff have only had good things to say about your talk and I have certainly noticed a boost in staff morale and responsibility in their duties.”
Post-workshop review 2019: Advance and supercharge your Dental Assisting skills

Dental Practice Manager: Nicole: Darra QLD

“Enjoyed talking tactics to help streamline the production of the day.”
Onsite Team Workshop
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Felicity: Rosewood QLD

“I had a great time learning how to expand my knowledge and how to better myself for the best practice experience for our Dentists and our patients.  Nupur was great!  She was very helpful and listened to what we had to say so she could give us the best possible information for our team.  Overall awesome experience and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge.”
Onsite Team Workshop Sept 2019
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Catherine: Rosewood QLD

Thank you for today’s training class.  It was engaging and educational.  I found it helpful that it was catered to our practice’s own concerns.
Onsite Team Workshop Sept 2019
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Brynne: Darra QLD

“I thoroughly enjoyed today.  I learnt a lot about the importance of team work and communication as well as effective methods of doing so; aspects of 4 handed dentistry that I can adapt into my working style.  I have also learnt about the importance of clear workflow and documentation. Loved how this workshop was delivered and shown.  Would definitely recommend to any dental workplace.”
Onsite Team Workshop Sept 2019: Advance and supercharge your dental assisting skills
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Precious: Mackay, Coral Coast QLD

“Very informative.  I think having actual experience and knowledge in dentistry helped a lot because when we tried asking questions, she could answer it confidently.”
Onsite workshop July 2019: 4-handed Dental Assisting skills
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Alana: Mackay, Coral Coast QLD

“Very informative and hands on. I liked how the questions were asked- makes you think about the answer. Power points were a good way of displaying photos.  I liked the worksheets.”
Onsite workshop for Dental Assistants July 2019: 4-handed Dental assisting and anticipation. 
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Ellie: Tweed Heads NSW

Everything was very descriptive and explained in heavy detail.  Videos/Images accurately supporting what is shown.  Covered everything across all aspects of dental assisting.
Offsite workshop for Dental Assistants 2019 
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Niputu: Kingscliff NSW

“Dr Nupur has been amazing.  I highly recommend her if you need to develop and advance your skills for mastering Dental Assisting – Dr Nupur is your answer.  I was so grateful and feel confident.  She teaches almost anything that I can’t even think of.  I am very confident that after this workshop I will be more developed in this field.  Thank you.”
Offsite workshop on 4-handed Dental Assisting 2019
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Nicole: Tweed Heads NSW

I liked that it was interactive, personalised, had handouts and visuals (slide show), had real life examples (videos assisting a real patient), hands on training (tray set up and passing real instruments).
Face-to-face offsite workshop for Dental Assistants 2019: 4handed dental assisting skills

Dentist: Dr David: Brisbane QLD

Fresh ideas on gaining patient engagement during maintenance appointments was very valuable – especially the visual cues and ideas on tracking performance.
Offsite workshop 2019: Maximising scope, value adding and seamless workflow for Therapists and Dentists
Smiling woman with headset and computer monitor

Dental Assistant: Genevieve: Mackay, Coral Coast QLD

“Great Training. Has shared a lot of information about DAs roles and responsibilities.  This training has nurtured my knowledge and has helped expand my skills and capabilities.  Thanks Dr Hackwood.”
Onsite Training workshop for Dental Assistants
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Assistant: Angela: Darra QD

“Loved the knowledge and different point of views being shown how to look at things differently and solve our own problems.  Nupur really took the time to listen and helped us resolve some issues.  Nupur has great experience and it was great to pick her brain. Thanks Nupur!”
Team Workshop July 2019:  Building appointment books.
abstract colourful resized

Dental Student: Mustafa: Griffith University QLD

The content that you have delivered offers a totally new perspective into dentistry, which is sorely needed at dental school.  Getting to know about some of the expectations and workflow of private practice gives me peace of mind.  Would love even more tips and tricks from the experiences you have had, there is so much to learn as a young dentist!
Offsite Course for Dentists 2016:  Building Appointment Books

Hygienist & Oral Health Therapist: Robyn: Brisbane QLD

“I liked the new Ideas for quality control.  Coding of patients, great concept.  Approachable presenter, with wealth of experience.  Ideas for integration into practice is great practical advice.”
Workshop for Oral Health Therapists 2019:  Maximising scope, value adding and seamless workflow for Therapists and Dentists

Dental Hygienist: Cristina: Gold Coast QLD

“The broad knowledge Nupur has as a Dentist, Manager, and Educator gives a thorough approach to the issues a dental practice faces.”
Onsite Team Workshop 2019

Dentist: New Graduate: Dr Sheryl: Coolangatta QLD

Gold Coast, Australia
” Nupur is a great listener, it is so easy to talk to her about all the issues and concerns I have encountered as a new grad. Her advice is always fair, rational, objective but still very personal and empathetic. I could not have recommended her service enough for anyone who is finding their own stance as a young dental professional.”
Dental Coach/Mentor 2017
Female doctor posing in a dentist office

Dental Clinic Co-ordinator: Tina: Redland Bay QLD

Redland Bay, QLD, Australia
“My name is Tina Zeremes and I have been in the Dental Industry for over 35 years. I worked with Nupur Hackwood for a period of 5 years.  Nupur believed that with knowledge there is power and with power you gain more confident and efficient staff. With weekly staff meetings, practice issues would be discussed and resolved or training issues addressed, which kept staff up to date with dental procedures. Equipped with extensive knowledge we were able to go above and beyond our normal dental assisting skills, which in return made us an asset to any dental practice.  With good management skills Nupur delegated roles to the appropriate staff members giving them responsibility and a purpose within the practice. I can truly say that in the 5 years that I had the opportunity to work alongside Nupur I learnt more than I ever  had in the 30 years of being a Dental Assistant.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have gained the skills I have today”.
Dental Assistant and employee at Toothwise 2016
abstract colourful resized

Educator: Carol: Melbourne VIC

Melbourne, Australia
“ Nupur is a critical thinker. She is efficient, creative and genuine in her approach to problem solving. In doing so she brings to light many facets of an individual’s personality. ”

Dentist: Dr Chitra: Gold Coast QLD

Gold Coast, Australia
“ I had the best experience talking to Dr Nupur Hackwood regarding practice setup. For a person like me who has no experience about setting up or buying a practice, Dr Nupur’s advise and detailed insight is like an eye opener. From the very first meeting you feel confident and gain so much information.  Her inputs are clear, precise and each and every word makes so much sense.  I am really very fortunate to have met Dr Nupur and will definitely refer her to anyone who needs advise on all aspects of dentistry – clinical and non clinical.  Thank you Dr Nupur.”

Dentist: Dr Wolfgang: Townsville QLD

Maleny, QLD, Australia
My name is Dr. Wolfgang Evers and I qualified as a dentist in Germany and re-qualified in Australia in 1998.
I have known Dr. Nupur Hackwood for more than 20 years.  During that time I have been impressed by her enthusiasm for the practical and academic aspects of dentistry.  When we studied together she was good at motivating fellow students and I can see her being a very good trainer.
Friend 2015

Professor and Head of Department: Dr Steven Rodriguez: Univ of Goa India 2015

Goa, India
“I write on behalf of the Department of Children’s Dentistry and the Goa Dental College & Hospital to convey our deepest gratitude for taking the time to visit our college and sharing your expertise and experiences in the area of communicating with children and adults who are extremely anxious in the dental setting.
It was exciting to hear about the new technique you developed which you shared through your presentation titled “A Novel approach combining TSD+GSD+NLP in treating apprehensive children.
Your style of presentation was very engaging and it was a joy to be a part of that audience. Thank you for adding a personal touch to your presentation by sharing your own experiences. It made it more believable and many could relate to what you were saying.  It also inspired us to look beyond the techniques that exist to the possibility of developing newer techniques ourselves.
Thank you once again and here’s looking forward to many more academically stimulating interactions in the future.
Invited Guest Lecturer at Goa Dental College, India 2015

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