Who I am



Founder and Director of Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting, Australia

BDS, MDS (Distinction), PhD, ADC

Problem solver with high energy, motivation, drive, enthusiasm, can-do attitude, passionate about training, process improvement and creating successful dental practices.

I founded Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting in 2019 after 30+ years of working as a Dentist and a Specialist and after having run my own very busy and successful 4-chair dental practice for 11 years.


It was in my role as Practice Owner, that I discovered my passion for and deep understanding of business, people and process management and the importance of staff training. Recruiting, training and then retaining reliable and good staff is the biggest challenge dental practices face in today’s work environment. A lot of time, money and heartache goes into this one sphere of Dental practice Ownership.

There is a huge gap in the market in terms of quality training provisions for dental assistants, receptionists, practice managers, clinic coordinators, and treatment coordinators. Most of the recruits in these positions are trained on the job under great pressure and stress and the outcome is often unsatisfactory for all parties showing up in a huge turnover in staff. 

Dental Practice Owners are constantly fighting this loosing battle of finding well trained staff and then retaining them. The couple of accredited courses available to train as a Dental Assistant is very basic and does not scratch the surface of current dental industry standards of requiring to assist for all procedures including crown and bridge work, dentures, root canal procedures, implants, and even orthodontics.

It is this gap in the market that Just Excel Dental Training tries to fill. I am based in Northern NSW very close to the NSW-QLD border. I hold my face-to-face training sessions in and around the Gold Coast usually, but travel all over Australia to help Dental Practice Owners create high-performing practices.

MDS (Distinction), PhD from: University of Otago, New Zealand

Post Doctoral Research at The College of Dentistry, Iowa, USA with Dr Steven Levy

JSPS Fellowship in Japan with Dr Yamada and Dr Iwami at Tohoku University, Japan

Head of Quality In dentistry at the National Dental Centre, Singapore



My dental journey ...

Training staff in the various roles and at all levels from a junior recruit to a senior manager is a huge challenge. Regular weekly staff meetings (almost 48hrs/year x 11years) helped me design a strong staff training programme and process based approach to managing my practice. This on-the-job learning was further cemented by becoming a Certified trainer and Assessor by completing a Cert IV course in Training and Assessment

I am passionate about sharing this invaluable knowledge and expertise I have gained in this area of staff training and dental process management with other practice owners.  I strongly believe that well trained staff and sound processes are the keys to success and this is my focus in helping other dental practices thrive and excel. In guiding and coaching other dental team members, I draw from my strengths but also from what I learnt from my mistakes. 

Creating a healthy work-life balance by working on streamlining the business is the goal. Trust me.  I have been there, done it, experienced the highs and lows !

I offer practical, down-to-earth training and guidance to all dental team members in the smooth running of a dental practice and thereby reduce stress, offer superior quality care to patients, increase patient retention, become more productive, gain control of your business, and provide you the peace of mind and happiness that you and your team so deserve.


Dentistry has been my profession, but Training dental teams to excel in their roles is truly a passion!

My Business Mantra revolves around the 4Ps



Purchases (Expenses)



I work alongside my husband, John Hackwood. 

Together, we bought an old one-chair dental practice in 2005, renovated it, and built it up to a modern 4-chair practice over a 5 year period and then sold it in 2016. 

With a lot of energy, passion, fears, joy, tears, laughter, fun and excitement we learnt the ins and outs of running a successful dental practice together! What a ride! 

We want to share our secrets of running a successful dental practice so that you too can keep that healthy balance of enjoying and living your life to the fullest whilst you work! 

Hello! I am John Hackwood

Credit Risk Management and Financial Modelling

Over the last 40+ years my jobs as a Chartered Accountant, Financial Controller, Credit Risk Manager, and currently as a Financial Modeller has allowed me to assist small and big companies with automation, improving flow, and analysing business KPIs

Expert with Excel financial modelling, Excel Macros or VBA, Excel Dashboards, Power Query and more. I can help you with your dental practice reporting needs and other functions such as rostering, payroll, and stock management.

I bring 30+ years of experience of working with big businesses in the field of finance, sales, credit risk, management and financial modelling.

I have been a co-owner with Nupur of our Dental Practice for 11 years and have had hands-on experience in setting up the businesses processes in making a practice flow seamlessly.

I have my own company called The Excel Factor (http://www.theexcelfactor.com) and help companies small and large (including dental practices) with smart EXCEL based solutions for all sorts of aspects of business from logistics to data capture to data monitoring.

I am passionate about organisational effectiveness and simplifying repetitive tasks so as to free up staff to look at the bigger picture rather than the tedious tasks that can be automated with smart EXCEL based solutions.

I can help you get a handle on your business financials, Key Performance Indicators, and spreadsheet problems and automate tedious tasks freeing up time to do other vital things.

I offer easy to follow business metrics, so you can control your business more closely.  Check out my solutions for Dental Practices.

How we differ from other Dental Consultants

Our vision is to provide tailored training to bridge any gaps in your practice of dentistry.
You tell us what the gaps are, we build the bridge.

No uneccesary membership plans that lock you into courses you don't need.

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