People (Staff) - P1M1

Get the right stafF and retain them

People (Staff) - P1M2

Set staff on the right track with feedback

People (Staff) - P1M3

Inspire, Lead, Align, and Engage staff

People (Staff) - P1M4

Schedule to production & flow

Process - P2M1

create the wow factor everytime

Process - P2M2

yesterday, today, tomorrow focus

Process - P2M3

privacy and records retention

Process - P2M4

Anticpate and prepare for risks

Purchases / Overheads - P3M1

Reduce expenses and wastage in stock

Purchases / Overheads - P3M2

Reduce cost of call-outs & breakdowns

Purchases / Overheads - P3M3

Reduce cost of Utilities & supplies

Purchases / Overheads - P3M4

Reduce cost of office overheads

Production - P4M1

Get existing patients to refer

Production - P4M2

target your messages correctly

Production - P4M3

Set goals. Run a profitable business

Production - P4M4

Use the practice GPS for success